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Behind every creation, there is immense detail and intricacy with Honu Design bearing no exception.  Just as the turtle created the perfect environment in which it could thrive, Honu Design Studios looks at incorporating strong, sustainable and environmentally friendly ideas in order to create the perfect balance of comfort and elegance. The company’s ethos revolves around the symbolic nature of the turtle shell (‘Honu’ – Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle), which for centuries has been the focal point in revolutionary designs like St Paul's Cathedral. It represents everything that a now modern design should incorporate and we at Honu Designs endeavour to integrate each of these features with every design.


Honu Design Studios - The perfect balance of comfort, sustainability and craftsmanship.



Honu Design Studio is a leading architectural design practice on the Gold Coast, Providing services that include Residential, Commercial, Interior, Graphic Design and Consultancy.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Leonardo Da Vinci


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